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Bynum Harper

You make outstanding products and back them up with complete customer satisfaction. I have used your Bore Store pistol and rifle cases for many years and will continue to do so. I appreciate your quality craftsmanship and commitment to your products. Thank you so much from a very satisfied customer.

David Kane

I used to keep my collection in "bought when needed" mismatched cases until I found these pouches. Now, everything I have will go into one them. A GREAT product at a great price. What took me so long ? Thanks Bore Stores.

Randal CA

Just bought your P-9 9" x 19" Scoped 14" Contender from your dealer at the Crossroads of the West gun show at the Cow Palace, San Francisco and it fits my Henry AR-7 survival rifle perfectly!!! Thank you so much!!!

Steve - Texas

A fabulous product. The only way to store your guns in safe or otherwise. Fights scratching and moisture. I've used these for over 20 years. Just ordered 6 more. A great American family business - support them.

Nicolas E Trujillo

This products are one of the most creative and well developed instruments to protect your valuable guns, Knives, magazines, etc; the price is also so convenient, that make yourself having no excuse to own one bore-stores case for every one of your toys; you will not found any similar product on the market, offering same quality/cost. Thanks Bore-Stores family.

Stephen Monte

Great product and great value without buying a high priced temp controlled safe. Throw your gun in and forget about it. JJ is just the best!!

Jeremy V

I went overseas for a year and couldn't take my guns. I purchased the appropriate Bore Stores gun case for each gun, coated the bores with a rust inhibitor, and vacuum-sealed each cased gun in its own vacuum bag (common food vacuum sealer marketed to hunters). I opened each Bore Stores case at the end of a year and not a spot of rust. Even guns that were previously rust-prone due to worn spots on the finish. Great products!

Ed Gunesch

Want to keep you handguns in great shape, then purchase now and you won't be sorry.
Well worth the price!!!

Attilio Purpura (Italy)

During the last years I have bought hundreds of these cases for my collection. Today again.
I've never had any problems with rust and beyond that protects my guns from rubbing and shocks better than any other case.
Thank you from your Italian fans.

Henry Thompson

I have stashed my handguns in an old Army field safe in Bore Stores since 2000 and have never had any rust. What I especially like is the fact that with Bore Stores, I can cram a bunch of handguns together in a small space without worrying about scratching them up.

ralph l. smith

Don't know how many Bore Stores I own.
Handguns are in Bore Stores.
Some Long Guns are in Bore Stores.
Shotgun Barrels are in Bore Stores.
Some Magazines are in Bore Stores.
Ordered two more today.

Jim Jarocki

I received 4 Bore Store cases today and am very impressed. The product is just what I needed at a great price. Kudos for your website that proactively helps determine the best size case for each type of firearm. All 4 cases I selected are different and they are all perfect. The other case suppliers don't do this and for online ordering it works!

John from Maryland

Borestores are great. I use them on all of the rifles in my safe. It keeps them scratch and dent free and allows me to stack the rifles as close as possible, which gives me more storage space in the safe. I've used them for a number of years now and whenever I buy a new gun, I shop for the appropriate borestore. Glad to see the new sizes that have been added. The AK size (12x36) is perfect for my scoped ARs with collapsable stocks. Thanks Borestores, for a great product at a reasonable price.

abdul asfour

Very fast shipping. Easy checkout. Fit perfect like described. Couldnt be happier. Thank you!

Robert Schuman

They were recommended by a friend, I used to have an issue transporting my guns to the range in a case, now I use the Pistol cases and there is no worry of scratching, they also fit in the safe very well

Joann Hosod-Stanford

My husband has every single one of his firearms(investments) in a Bore Store.
Would NOT have it any other way! :)

andrew b

This isn't so much a comment as it is a question, rust inhibitors are typically good for metal, but bad for wood, just curious if anyone had any problems with their wood after using these? I know for alot of gun oil products, they say its safe for wood on the bottle, but then you ask them in emails and u hear a completely different tune, one in the lines of "it depends on the wood and finish"

Aaron Davidson

I now own about a dozen of these fabulous cases. Had a "Custom" case made for a special rifle. Can NOT say enough about these products ! If you care about your fire arms, then invest in a case for each and every one, they will NOT disappoint !

jim redner

I have been selling Bore Stores at Albuquerque Gun Shows since the late 1980's with the guarantee of "your money back if not satisfied or a swap out if the wrong size". I have never had a gun sock returned for a refund from a dissatisfied customer. A great American made product. Socks that I have sold are protecting hunting weapons, high value Colt and Winchester collections, purse pistols, glove compartment pistols, you name it.

Gustaaf Schippers

Like another feedbacker mentioned: I had my guns in a mix of cases. Until I found Bore Stores. Now my 25 handguns (among which precious Colt "snakes") are in their Bore Stores cases in the safe. No more worries. I am in the midst of measuring my 11 rifles and will order Bore Stores for them as well. Great invention! I am spreading the word at our Helena, MT trap club. Thanks!

Ken Sanford

Awesome cases, have several for revolvers. One thing that's missing from the inventory is a small secondary case for an extra revolver cylinder. I can put them in the same case but through handling the gun and spare cylinder rub/scratch each other. Perhaps even a six inch by two inch strip of the same bore store material with a velcro closure would serve the purpose? Don't know, but I'm sure you folks have an answer!

Richard Dillon

I have a few of my Safe Queens dressed in these great cases. I do undress them from time to time, just to fondle them, let them know they are loved, and even let them throw some lead down range once or twice a year; then they get their yearly bath, dressed to the 9s again in their cases, and begin another long contemplative period of solitude keeping peace within their kingdom, and waiting to be inherited by the royal Prince. Gosh I love the promise of their rust free and happy future!

Aaron from TN

I have purchased several cases (one custom) from Bore Store, they exceeded my expectations in many ways. To date the majority of my collection is stored in their products. My latest fire arm purchase was a chrome colt 1911 .45, have stored it in the case and to date it's still in pristine condition.

Kevin Winnie

been using Bore store products for a few years, where I live very humid, great product!

D Nielsen

Fantastic materials and quality construction. Puts that other "sack" company to shame.

Chandos Michael Brown

Only time will reveal how effective these actually are (plenty a favorable reviews regarding this), but I can say that they are beautifully made and of very high quality. I bought them for all my rifles (7) and handguns (5) during the last sale. No regrets. They're nice!

Fred Hofmann

When I recently bought my Bright Stainless Colt King Cobra, it was list as un-fired, mint condition , in the box. Well the box and case have a nice resting place, and the "Snake" has a nice home of its own, in a Bore Store case in my safe. Keep up the good work.

Chandos Michael Brown

Great sleeves! I've got about a dozen of them for rifles, pistols,and shotguns. Very well made at a fair price. I like the new labels, too. Can tell at a glance what's in the bag.

Vincent D.

Contacted customer service. To say they took care of me is an understatement! No muss, no fuss, just helpful and with no delay. Thanks Phoebe!

Dave Alexander

Just received some of your TC-2 3.5" x 19". They are PERFECT for storing my bayonet collection. I am storing some M1905, M1 and other bayonets in their scabbards - tight but nice fit. You should advertise these for that purpose.

Dave Clare

I've been using BORESTORES to store my firearms for over 20 yrs. I have never had a mark or even a tiny bit of rust on anything! I highly recommend these to anybody and
everybody. You will only be satisfied. I can't understand the low prices, but I'm not complaining. Thanks BORESTORES!

Dave Clare

I've been using BORESTORES to store my firearms for over 20 yrs. I have never had a mark or even a tiny bit of rust on anything! I highly recommend these to anybody and
everybody. You will only be satisfied. I can't understand the low prices, but I'm not complaining. Thanks BORESTORES!

Laura Drake

I love Borestores. They have protected the boys and my guns for years. They protect your guns and for a good price, I had tried Midway once and it was a disaster, I lost my favorite rifle! Borestores forever.

Mike Pandolfo

I have used these to store my two WWI Lugers. Never a hint of an issue in 15 years. Absolutely recommend!

Mike Pandolfo
Lt Col, USAF

Jeff Ackler

Ordered a custom set with VERY specific requests. Wanted a hole where the breach is located so that TSA could see the breach, with a flap to close when done. They did them perfectly. Good job Bore Store!

Ben Gibson

Absolutely awesome product. I have used these for over 20 years and would not put my guns in anything else. Good price, great product.

Ray Poole

Gun owners want to protect their guns Now and Forever! Bore Stores products are the absolute best quality and price! By Far!

Bob Shem

Dear Big Spring Enterprises,

I just wanted to tell you that I really like my Bore Stores and keep a supply on hand. I do a lot of duck hunting in areas of glacial silt and salt water. A conventional nylon/cotton duck/fabric gun case would not be the best for gun storage and transport because the fabric can get too easily saturated with salt water and glacial mud. Salt, water, and wet mud are not the best for blued firearms!

I place my shotguns in Bore Stores and then put the bore stores in either a Gun Boat (now obsolete) or an Uncle Mike’s river bag.

Nesting my Bore Store inside the Gun Boat or Sealtector is perfect. The gun is protected from scratches and from water. My gun can sit in the bottom of my boat and my wet dog can walk across the case and the gun is no worse for wear. If my gun were to go overboard it floats like a cork and stays dry.

If my Bore Store somehow gets wet, salty, or muddy it can be tossed in the wash machine. After drying I am back in business.

Keep up the good work providing a great product.

Bob Shem

Larry Coatney

Great product! Only the best for my investments and this is it! Protection for my protection.

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